Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kali Cool Dude

I had to do this in two different posts, it just stopped after the first two pictures below. Here is Kali in her new Dora the Explorer chair, she loves Dora!

Kali Cool Dude

The Box

I didn't want to keep waiting for Netflix to deliver this movie, so we ordered it on demand. I have to say it wasn't about what I thought it would be, but it was riveting.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Betrayed

At first I was going to write this movie off, it started really slow, and I said to Gary, I hope this movie doesn't all take place in this one setting, I hate movies like that. Well it did, but as it went on and especially at the end it got better.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kali~ March 26th, 2010

Strawberry Girl
It won't be long before she gets a real phone!

Louie's feelin good and smiling

already spaces out at the TV (Mickey's Playhouse)

I did my own hair!!!
Kali just left after spending the day, but not before loading up her diaper minutes before her father got here! I thought I told that child to hold it until she got home!
She was a good girl today, and took a nap with Aunt Brooke for an hour and 20 minutes!!! A record for her.

Flower Child

Nicole told her to smell the flower and she did! Other than that she is a great hat model! She is here today with me and Brooke and I will have more pictures later. :)

Walk with Louie

Franklin Dam

Brooke and I took Louie to the Franklin Dam to walk yesterday, he loves his walks! And we were celebrating because yesterday should have been a bad day for him, that is how the pattern has been going with this pancreatitis, every other day he feels like crap. But yesterday he ate and was acting pretty good! We have been really good about not giving him any crap to eat, he has lost 3 pounds, and hopefully he is on the road to recovery!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gary's Birthday Dinner

Trying to take a picture and hold the cake out
not easy!
Brooke and Pat

what's that Grampa?

ooohhh, frosting! thanks Grampa!

Hey monkey, get your own walker!

I cooked our belated corned beef dinner yesterday for Gary's birthday. Corned beef in the crock pot= yummy! I also made an Irish Soda Bread sans the raisins, very good!
And Gary won $55 on the scratch tickets I put in his birthday card. Nice!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Be Mine Tonight

If you like vampire romances this one was pretty good. Not as good as Twilight though! And you can tell by the end that there will probably be a sequel.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kali~ March 19, 2008

I had Kali yesterday while Nicole worked. I guess I tired her out! In other news, Louie has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. He has been sick for about 2 weeks. We brought him to the vet a few days after he first got sick and they put him on antibiotics and said it was from eating too much tables food, "garbage gut" they called it. He rallied a little and then seemed to go back and forth, one good day, one bad day. So I brought him back in on Tuesday and they took blood, and Pancreatitis it is. Not what I was hoping to hear at all, but the vet says we can manage it through diet. We have to be ultra careful what he eats, low fat high fiber. And he can never have a table scrap again, unless it is a fruit or veggie. Table scraps are Louie's life, so this won't be easy. But table scraps are what got him into this predicament, and it is all our fault. :( So, anyone with small dogs (they are more prone to it) keep them at a healthy weight, and table scraps are a no-no.

Happy 48th Birthday Gary!

Unfortunately he has to work today and won't be home until 7. So, we are going to celebrate tomorrow with a corned beef dinner, which is also late because we wanted to wait for Brooke to come home. We picked her up at the airport last night, and despite the crappy weather Florida has been having she still managed to get a little tan. Poor Gary, up at 4:45 am yesterday for an auction, out until after midnight last night trekking her from the airport, and then up at 5:45 again this morning! he will be beat tonight.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Cool Dude!
I had her Saturday night, this was right before bed
she was pretty grumpy!

I still luv my Louie!

Much happier at 6 am! me? not so much!

in her new Jenny Jump Up

Auntie Brooke did this to her!

playdate with cousin Ryan

she liked the cars and trucks, he liked her toys!

holding hands

I have been lax about getting pictures on here, I promise to be better about it!


I was not expecting too much from this movie, but it was actually pretty good, except the end, it kind of left you not knowing what was going to happen.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

While My Sister Sleeps

Unfortunately I finished this book around midnight last night, I say unfortunately because it was a real tearjerker at the end. And I was sniffing and sobbing, trying to be quiet because my husband had to get up at 5:45 this morning! Then I had to try and fall asleep with a stuffy nose! But it was a good book!