Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Easy A

I thought this movie was pretty funny, Gary didn't enjoy it so much.

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve at Great Grammy and Grampa's.
Greeting cousin Lucas
Trains make her happy!

Just one little kiss for Auntie

Great-Grampa's sneakers are very comfy

Mom opening her Queen Latifah perfume

Taysia and Nick

Me and Shell

Kali got a tricycle

Watch out for Auntie!

Me and Brooke

Poppa has Barney on his phone!!

Ain't she purty?

Mom and Dad's birthday is not until January 12th but
they'll be back in Floriday by then

Mom the Beach Babe, Look at that tan!

ohhh, Poppa has YUM!

Dad~ Lookin pretty happy

I don't know what is up with this blog but it wont let me
push the pictures closer together. Ah, there it goes

Santa Nicole

Mom and Dad's living room tree

Mom and Dad's Dining room tree

Louie wrecking a brand new Christmas toy

Is that all there is?

Stylish glasses

Christmas Day dinner with the Henry's

Shelley and Kim

Katie and Ed

Gary, Tim and Kim

that's just gross

Mikayla reading the Night Before Christmas

Time for Bingo

Owen chilling out after dinner.

Tyler busy playing with something that had a bazillion pieces

Shelley and Charley

Kim and Tim

Can I have some Mom?

Allison and Katie

Are you sure Christmas is over?


This was our annual Christmas Eve portrait but it ended up at the
bottom of the page. Oh well.