Monday, July 26, 2010



this actually was the end of the day, she finally
took a nap!
Beautiful day for a walk!
she was being awful silly at lunch

I had her for the day while Nicole worked, she was so good. She played and played and went for a walk and played some more. She was running a slight fever, I think it is teething related.

Nicole's Bridal Shower

The cake was delicious!

Brooke is so talented

The Bridal party

she got a lot of wonderful stuff

Eric and Kali came to say hi

Morgan, my cousin Michelle's baby, so adorable

Well that is over with! Now the countdown to the wedding.

July 24, 2010

she was so hot and sweaty from a day of
playing with other kids in a pool

funky hair do

Go Ask Alice

I read this book years ago when I was a teenager. I bought this for Brooke to read at Christmas and she just read it a couple of weeks ago. I decided to re-read it because it is a really quick read in diary form. It is scary to read and kind of makes you sick to your stomach what this girl does to her life.

The Wolfman

This is a re-make of the classic 1941 Wolfman movie. This stars Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. It was pretty good, I think they made the wolfmen look too much like the old-fashioned movies, I prefer scarier, but overall it was a good horror movie.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stormy Skies!

looking north over my neighbor's, creepy
isn't it?

When I heard there were some tornado watches and warnings in parts of NH and Maine last night I looked out the window and sure enough we had some scary looking clouds coming our way. Luckily we had lots of rain, and some lightning and thunder. Power was out only long enough to have to re-set all the clocks!

Day at Ellacoya State Park

Auntie Brooke and Kali

Kali thought she was funny playing peek a boo!

Apparently sand, rocks and twigs taste good

It was quite windy, the water was choppy and

loaded with debris (leaves, sticks ets.) from the

storm the night before, but the water was like

a nice warm bath! (until you got out, then the wind

was freezing!) again I repeated the picture, I am good
at that no?

The Book of Eli

I was eager to watch this movie, and it was good, Denzel was fabulous, but it seemed to be one of those movies where you have to turn it way up to hear what they are saying, then turn it down when an action scene with music happened.


I have read this book probably 5 times. It was one of the first love stories I read when I discovered them in my teens. I keep this one in my bookcase and I just felt like re-reading it again, it didn't let me down!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July Vacation 2010

breakfast at the Roost Cafe
this is actually yesterday, my pictures are out
of order and I don't feel like messing with them!

Marginal Way

Bingo at the fire station, Brooke and Pat both won,
Gary and I got nothing!

dinner at Newick's~ Lobster for Brooke

Kali and Nicole came too! Kali likes lobster

Water Country on the hottest Saturday in July, not
a wonderful idea

Lot's of water was consumed

that sun was hot! and so is Gary! he he

oops, repeat

So for some reason I couldn't write under all the pictures. Sometimes this blog can be so annoying. The first series of pictures was the first weekend of vacation, the guys went deep sea fishing and we waited at the camp, stuck in the trailer because it decided to pour rain all day. I made my clam chowder, corn bread, beans, and cole slaw. When the guys got home I cooked the fresh caught fish with a Ritz cracker topping. It was delicious!
On Tuesday we went to the movies and saw Eclipse. On Wednesday our friends from Bedford came up for the day and we went to see the Sound of Music at the Ogunquit Playhouse, it was very good. We had dinner after at the Union Bluff hotel in Short Sands and then walked around the shops.
On Thursday we went to Perkins Cove and walked the Marginal Way over to Ogunquit. We had lunch at Huckleberry's down on Ogunquit Beach, then looked in the shops for a while. Rode the trolley back to Perkin's Cove and had some ice cream. I ate a lot of ice cream this week!
On Thursday night Brooke's boyfriend Pat came up for the weekend. We went to play bingo at the fire station down town. And then made a 10 PM pizza run to Dominoes after!!
Friday night we went to Newick's in Dover for dinner, celebrating Brooke's passing of the Hesi exam. Nicole and Kali met us there and we had a good dinner. I had my clam strips that I have been craving! We played Bingo at the campground after. I still didn't win anything but gary did.
Saturday morning Gary and I went out yard saling at 8. I got a couple of books and a few things for Kali, some toys to have here at the camp, some books and some DVD's. At 11:30 we went to Water Country, the girls and Pat were already there. It was not a good idea, it was REALLY hot and humid, it was absolutely mobbed, and it was not a very good place for a 10 month old. But we had already bought the tickets and did not want to waste what we paid.
The lines were so long I only got to go in the wave pool, in the Lazy River, and on the Family raft ride. We had to keep switching off to watch Kali, the only pool she could go in without a life jacket was a kiddie pool that had a rough bottom that kind of cut her toes up. Not impressed with that. It would have been nice if Nicole or any of us could have sat at the edge of the wave pool where the water barely laps over you, but they are real strict about the life jackets, which I guess is a good thing. We stuck it out till 4, then came home and grilled burgers and dogs and had a campfire. And that is it, Gary's first vacation week is all over, tomorrow he is back to work.