Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013!

Kali and Papa

 She wanted to eat breakfast with Papa this morning
And she had a very long story to tell
 She saw Aunties new hat from the game and said "Oh, I love the Patriots!"

A Very Cold Patriots Game

Brooke and her friend Christina went to the game yesterday, they are crazy! I was quite comfortable in front of my fireplace watching it thank you very much!

Pinterest Ideas

So yesterday Gary had to work, and Brooke went to the Patriots game, brrrr. I decided to tackle this Pinterest idea I read about. Putting self-stick linoleum tiles on the wire shelves in my pantry. Why in the world I didn't think of this all these years everything in my pantry has tipped on the wire shelves is beyond me. But it worked, and it was easy, and I am very pleased with the results.
Something we tried from Pinterest that didn't work? Putting lines of caulking on the bottom of throw rugs to keep them from sliding around. That was a fail, and I went out and bought regular rug gripper.

Silliness Under the Christmas Tree

She loves to go under the tree and look up at the lights.

Magic Mike

Two thumbs down, even half naked Channing Tatum doesn't make this movie good. And Matthew McConaughey is really bad in this.

Notorious Nineteen

I finshed this in 3 nights. Another good one in this series. I know the movie flopped, but I wish they would make all of these books into a movie! I hope she doesn't stop the storyline at twenty!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

the dead & the gone

This is the second book in this series, the first being Life as We Knew It. It's about the moon getting hit by an asteroid and pushed closer to Earth causing tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and such. Food gets scarce, people are dying from starvation and sickness. Sounds happy huh? It's actually very good, this book focuses on a 17-year old boy trying to keep his 2 younger sisters alive in New York City, after their parents disappear in the wake of the catastrophe. I just ordered the last book, This World We Live In, which brings the two families from each book together.


This was crass, but some parts were pretty laugh-out-loud funny.

Christmas 2012

 Christmas with the Henry family on Sunday

 Our annual Christmas Eve picture
Christmas Eve at my parents


 My sister opening her surprise ipod touch from us all!
 Celebrating my parents January 12th birthday early, because they left for Florida on the 26th.
 Our tree before the frenzy began

Louie loved getting new toys
 Brooke with her Celtics tickets
 Gary got a game camera from Brooke
A special present for me from Brooke, aren't I purty in the morning!
 This beautiful ring!!!
 Brooke got a shirt to wear to the game

This was in my stocking lol!
Gary and I had a Christmas dinner for two. Brooke went to her boyfriend's family Christmas