Saturday, May 30, 2009

Katie's Bridal Shower

Katie opening my present! :)

Today after 40 days and nights of rain, it was finally nice out. I went to Katie's bridal shower at the Common Man in Concord. She is Gary's niece.
It was a very nice shower, food was good, games were fun, presents were opened quick, I was in at 1:10 and out at 3:05. Since I drove from Maine I didn't get back here until 4:30, but the traffic was light. The temperature is not so nice here, it is only 62 with a cool ocean breeze. Ugh. I only like the cool ocean breeze when everyone else is sweltering at a muggy 100.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Out with the Old in with the New

So the motorcycle is gone. Gary decided, after a whole Winter of working on it, and putting everything new on it, that it wasn't what he wanted. So we sold it, and we sold all the pieces and parts that we had purchased for it: the new seat, the helmets, the cover, the manuals, all on e-bay. Those all got shipped out today.
Now we have this Honda Big Ruckus coming. From Wisconsin. I am glad that Gary hasn't decided to trade me in like he does all the other things he gets!
We had one of these before and sold it to finance our purchase of the sunroom on our camper. Now he wants another one, and he scoured the internet looking for it. This is exactly like the one we had, and it has under 100 miles. A shipping company is picking it up in about 3-4 days, and bringing it right to our door. We had a lot of fun on the other one, it is perfect for riding up in York, on the back roads and stuff.
In other news, we are having an A/C unit installed today. Not that it excites me at all at this point,it is 45 degrees out! But the next hot day when we usually broil in this house (we are smack dab out in the open here) we will appreciate it. It is a wall unit by Mitsubishi, I think they call it a Slim Jim. We have all casement windows so we can't just stick a unit in ourselves.


In the days leading up to World War II, Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) inherits a sprawling cattle ranch in northern Australia. Threatened by land barons, she reluctantly joins her farmhand (Hugh Jackman) as he drives 2,000 head of cattle across the outback. While on the grueling trek, they witness the Japanese bombing of Darwin, which heralds Australia's entry in the war.
At first, I thought this movie was not going to be good, it started a little bizzarre. But then it got much better, it's long, 2 hours and 45 minutes, but I was interested through the whole thing. Especially interested when Hugh Jackman took off his shirt. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Uninvited

Committed to a mental hospital after her mother's tragic death, teenager Anna (Emily Browning) discovers upon her release that her father (David Strathairn) plans to marry his deceased wife's former nurse, Rachael (Elizabeth Banks), a woman who may not have the best intentions. Foreboding warnings from her mother's ghost only cement Anna's suspicions.
This was awesome! very surprising.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

New Lucas Pictures

I don't think this child is getting fed enough, he looks positively gaunt! :) Just kidding, he has a nice round belly. This is my nephew's little boy, he is about 3 weeks old right now. When he was born, I thought he looked exactly like his
Dad, but looking at these pictures, he looks a lot like his mother right now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Not a lot happening this weekend. We had to go to Gary's aunt's memorial service yesterday down in Marion, MA. Gary is working today and tomorrow. Brooke is off with her boyfriend. So I watched a movie. With vampires and werewolves. And no one here to say "God, this movie is sooo stupid". The weather was much crappier earlier today, cool cloudy and rainy. But now the sun has made an appearance, and I think I can venture out for a walk with Louie without melting. We put our new wicker looking furniture in the sunroom, and I put up some sheer white curtains, by the time I am done tinkering with everything and getting it just right, it will be time to take it all down for the winter.

Just Breathe

In the wake of her shattered marriage, cartoonist Sarah Moon flees to the coastal town in California where she grew up. There, she revisits her troubling past: an emotionally distant father, the loss of her mother and an unexpected connection with Will Bonner, the high school heartthrob skewered mercilessly in her comics. But he's been through some changes himself. And just as her heart is about to reawaken, Sarah makes a most startling discovery, She's pregnant. With her ex's twins.
This was good. Not as good as some Susan Wigg's books but still good. Publisher's Weekly said I would be reaching for the Kleenex with this one, and since I can cry at a commercial on TV I was prepared to be saddened as I read. No need for Kleenex on this one folks.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

A prequel to the first two Underworld films, this fantasy explains the origins of the feud between the Vampires and the Lycans. Aided by his secret love, Sonja, courageous Lucian leads the Lycans in battle against brutal Vampire King Viktor (Bill Nighy). Determined to break the king's enslavement of his people, Lucian faces off against the Death Dealer army in a bid for Lycan independence.
This was a great movie, plenty of werewolf's and vampires, just the way I like it! The best part of this movie was Bill Nighy who played the Vampire King. He was absolutely perfect for the part. If you have ever watched Love, Actually, plays the flamboyant, aging rock star, whose Christmas song becomes a surprise smash hit.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Happened?

He was robbed I tell you! It was probably because he had to sing that terrible song Kara co-wrote, yuck. He rocked "Beth" last night totally. Not even Kiss' heavy metal instruments could drown out his voice!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nicole 20 Weeks

20 weeks! She is such a good sport about letting me do this every 4 weeks.

Drumroll Please......

Yes it's a girl!!! Yeah! We are very happy to be able to buy cute little dresses and pink stuff. She is only about 12 oz. right now! But I think she is already cute don't you? Haha, actually those 3D pictures are pretty scary, looks like a little alien gremlin. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's today. This is my gift from Brooke, she made it herself and did a really good job. She does not get any craftiness from me, that's for sure. Gary is buying me a magnolia tree that I have wanted for forever, he also bought me 2 Yankee candles so I would have something to open. I didn't get to see Nicole today because I am in Maine, but she came by the other day and brought me an angel windchime and a cookbook that I wanted.
This morning Gary and Brooke made me breakfast, sausage and pancakes, and Brooke washed the dishes. It is WICKED windy here today, so one minute I am hot when the wind dies down, then it whips back up and I am cold. But at least the sun is out. Gary and I just went for a walk down the beach, my hair was blowing in my face so bad I must have looked like Cousin It. Brooke is going to a Dane Cook concert tonight in Manchester with her boyfriend so they just left, luckies! Dane Cook is sooo funny. Gary and I are hanging out here tonight, we are grilling some marinated pork and I am baking a couple of potatoes and will probably throw a steamer bag of veggies in the microwave too. We are staying over tonight here and leaving bright and early tomorrow to get Brooke to school.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Family Tree

An unforgettable novel about family, race and the choices people make in time of crisis.
Dana Clarke has just given birth to her first child. The little girl is lovely , but no one can help noticing how little she resembles her parents. Dana's husband, among others, suspects that she may have had an affair. In order to put the rumors and speculation to rest, Dana has to delve deep into her past and her husband's heritage to unearth some uncomfortable secrets. Can her marriage survive what she discovers?
This was a great book, a fast read and I couldn't put it down. And yes, I know what Nicole is having but it has to wait until I can get my hands on the ultrasound pictures so I can post those along with the announcement of whether we are buying blue or pink. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Yes Man

Based on the comedic memoir by Danny Wallace, this film stars Jim Carrey as Carl, a man who, as an antidote to unhappiness, resolves to say "yes" to everything that comes his way. Initially, Carl's new practice proves successful in lifting his spirits, but soon he is confronted with unexpected and seemingly unbeatable challenges stemming from his unique self-imposed regime.
I liked this movie okay, I have definitely seen funnier Jim Carrey movies but this was good.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Louie!!!

Today is Louie's 6th birthday. For months now I thought he was turning 7, and it just dawned on me the other day that I was wrong, he is only 6. I wish I could do that with my own age, oops, I am actually a year (or 10) younger!
Anyway, Louie likes his new birthday toy and treats. And I sang Happy Birthday to him too!! He howled, I don't know if it was because my singing was hurting his ears, or if he just wanted to sing along.
We are in Maine this weekend, our first weekend back at the camp. We have done a lot of work getting it opened up and ready to go for the season, but not nearly enough work to burn off the calories I have been eating. oops. This morning we went to a friend's 25th anniversary, renewing of the wedding vows in Newfields. They had a brunch afterwards, we pretty much ate and left. Or as Gary so elegantly put it, "chewed and screwed". we didn't really know anyone there and we had made our appearance so what else were we to do?
Nicole has an ultrasound Thursday, and hopefully we will find out if we are buying blue or pink?