Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dog Poop on my Hand

I wonder if my new camper is on an old Indian burial ground. Seriously, we got here last night and still no deck or sun room. The Internet that was working fine last weekend was not working this weekend. Took the dog for a walk and he peed on my leg. Took him for a walk later and ran out of dog poop bags so I had to use one for two poops... and yes, it got on my hand. And got stuck talking to this guy here that does.not.shut.up. My eyes were crossing.

Definitely not as much traffic last night as there normally is on the Friday night of Memorial Weekend. We wanted to conserve gas too so we all piled into Brooke's Focus for the drive up. The gas gauge did not even move! I was so impressed. Gary had to go into work today even though technically he is still on vacation. They are having a big sale and he had to be there.

Brooke is working at the store right now, she gets out at 1. But then has to go back at 4. I called the cable company and after my cell phone lost the call twice, they were able to get my Internet working again. Happy Day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The New American Idol!!

I called this one right from the auditions. I finally was right! I knew he had what it took to win this season. David Cook rocks!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Doctor's Wife

"The memory starts here, in my apron pocket, with the gun."

So begins The Doctor's Wife, a stunning debut novel about four people and the cataclysmic intersection of their lives.

This book was pretty good. It took me longer to read it than others that are much longer. It is full of psychological suspense, plot twists and turns, malice disguised as religion, the taint of incest and cheating spouses. I think at the beginning of the book I would have given it four stars, but by the end it was definitely a five star book.

Finally a campfire. Even though it was only burning the evidence of the branches that Gary sneakily cut down, the campground owner frowns on that sort of thing. I don't know why I look so vapid in that picture, I swear I only had one glass of wine with dinner! And the last two pictures are Louie on one of his walks, his favorite thing about going to Maine. It was a good weather weekend, the rain held off, I am not kidding, until we were getting in the car to come home yesterday. Saturday Gary had to work, and Brooke went to Danielle's house for the night. So I spent the day walking, eating, reading, and I went to the storage unit and brought some boxes back to the camper and spent some time unpacking them and deciding what was staying and what was not. We had Internet hook up even this weekend! Saturday night we went out to dinner at Ruby's. They had a special of lobster roll, and for some reason I really wanted that. I don't know why, I am not a huge lobster fanatic. But of course, they were all out when I ordered (which makes me want one all the more) so I ended up with baked haddock, and steamed veggies and....french fries. You didn't think I was going to eat ALL healthy did you?? I have had to chew all on the right side for the last couple of days. I bit the inside of my cheek on Thursday, and then Friday night gave it another couple of good chomps, not being smart enough to chew only on the right after the first chomp. So now it is good and sore and has been miserable.
Sunday morning, I was up before 7. I know, me? I am just guessing, but I will bet that no one else's husband in this world was awake at 6:30 Sunday morning playing the air guitar in his skivvies and singing some old song from the 60's or 70's (and not even the right words). just that was probably the reason i was awake that early, along with the sun shining in on my face. My shades in the new camper are definitely not light-blocking.
Still no deck or sunroom on the camper. At the rate we are going, we will put it up, and then it will be time to take it down. Gary has vacation starting Friday and we were really hoping it would be up for that.
The weather seems more like late March or April today. Pretty blustery and about 48 degrees right now. I don't care, as long as it warms up for the weekend. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008


This is the third book in the Stephenie Meyer series.
Brooke was not impressed with this one, but I
couldn't put it down. She said that nothing really major
happened, but there was a good thriller part in it. The
fourth book does not come out until August 2nd. Brooke
said she was going to be at the door when Border's opens
that morning. :) And the first book in the series, Twilight
is coming out as a movie in December.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


My daughter Nicole modeling for her friend's clothing company.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We went to Maine over the weekend. No kid and no dog. It was like a mini honeymoon except Gary had to work Saturday. When we got there Friday we discovered we had left the heat running all week. Nice. It sucked up a whole tank of propane. So we borrowed a space heater from our friend's grandmother whose trailer is down the road from ours. When Gary plugged it in you would have thought a freight train was chugging through the camper. We had to use it though, our propane was very low and I wanted hot water for a shower. I did not have a car Saturday, we drove up in one car to save gas and Gary took it to work. I basically didn't do anything but eat, read, play solitaire on the laptop and watch TV. Sunday we raked and cleaned up our little area. I mean, it really is little, but we raked up 5 or 6 bags of leaves and debris! I guess the people who had the site before us hadn't done it for a while. The back was just nasty, now it is all clean, and Gary built a fire pit, so maybe this weekend we will actually have a campfire.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Louie

Look at that sweet face! Why would any dog want to hurt him? We went to Maine for the weekend and when I was walking him Saturday, some one's Boxer came charging out of their campsite and attacked him. I couldn't reel him in on his leash fast enough to pick him up, and the dog was on him. I have no idea why, Louie didn't even see the dog until it was running towards him. He was crying, the other dog was snarling and had its mouth right on Louie. I picked him up by the end of the leash because he was in a harness and poor Louie was swinging in the air, which probably made him look like a more tempting morsel that way. It seemed like it took hours but the owner finally fell on the boxer and pinned it to the road. I picked up Louie and scurried away to check him. Miraculously he only had one little scratch on his leg. He was scared to death but basically unhurt. The people were very apologetic, apparently it is their daughter's dog and they were dog-sitting for the weekend. She said it was tied up but broke the rope, I saw no rope, but what's done is done. And to top it off, all this happened on Louie's 5th birthday! He got pampered the rest of the day, and opened his presents, which made him forget his trauma. The weather was awful, Saturday the rain mostly held off but it was cold and raw. Sunday it rained all day. We gave up and left right after Brooke got out of work at noon. Of course yesterday and today are beautiful and sunny. Maybe this weekend will be better.

Strangers in Death

This is a series of books that I read, they are written by
Nora Roberts who writes as JD Robb. I have read many
of these books and they are always good. They are set
in the future and are always about Lt. Eve Dallas and her
husband Roarke. There is always a murder mystery in
each book and it keeps your attention.

More Wedding Pictures

Kayla And Ross
Me, Gary, Brooke and Nicole

Nicole, Dad and Brooke

Dad and Mom

Mom, Aunt Ev, Uncle Billy, Uncle Donny and Aunt Elaine

Cory and Nicole

Tammy, Chip, Shelley and Aunt Ev

My sister-in-laws pictures came out better than mine.