Friday, August 28, 2009


I have long wanted to comment on different products that come out, and that I get sucked into buying. I saw these on TV, like everyone else, and they made it look so simple to use. Being one of those people who has NO volume in their hair I bought them the other day. As soon as I looked at the directions I knew I had made a mistake. You have to tease your hair first, (think:snarls) and put a bumpits in, then spray the crap out of your hair with aerosol hair spray so that none of the bumpits poke through. I refused to tease my hair, and just put one in, the small one, which looked utterly ridiculous, and it still got all tangled in my hair. Needless to say I packaged them neatly back up and returned them. Sorry to whoever buys that package!

The Virgin's Lover

In the autumn of 1558, church bells across England ring out the joyous news that Elizabeth I is the new queen. One woman hears the tidings with utter dread. She is Amy Dudley, wife of Sir Robert, and she knows that Elizabeth's ambitious leap to the throne will draw her husband back to the center of the glamorous Tudor court, where he was born to be.
So this book was good, as were all the other's I have read by this author. The only thing was the ending, it ended so blah, that I turned the page and was a minute before I realized that I was reading the author's note, and that the book had ended on the previous page!

August Vacation

Louie Long Tongue Brooke baby-sat Quinn for a day

We took him to IHOP for breakfast, not that he eats!

He just loved Gary

Nicole came up and we went to the beach

Glad I got this on camera, Gary actually came to the beach!

Nicole looks good!

Walking the Marginal Way

All the people on Ogunquit Beach

We found these glasses in a store, aren't they a riot!

The lady behind me does not look amused


Gary taking Pat for her first scooter ride

Picnic Lunch

The cookie was as big as my face (I didn't eat it by myself!)

We bought these rug squares at a yard sale, and they
look really nice in our sunroom, it's so much better than the
painted wood.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ryan Johnson

I cannot get over how much he looks like his father!

Lost Pictures

I just accidentally deleted all my vacation pictures I had posted. The pictures are all on my laptop in Maine so I will re-post them when I go back on Thursday. What a dope!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hurricane Bill

Gran Torino

This was a good movie. Clint does pretty well playing a crotchety old racist who ends up be-friending the Chinese family next door. I liked it.

District 9

This was pretty bad. I like sci-fi movies but this was a little pathetic. I was surprised because everything I saw about it was good! It was my fault too, I pushed to go see this and everyone (Gary, Nicole and Brooke) kept glaring at me in the theater. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Louie

Poor Louie, he was forced to model one of the baby's diapers. He was not very happy with us!


This was a great movie. Very much like Fatal Attraction, it kept you on the edge of your seat. My favorite line from the movie was when Beyonce and the bimbo blond were fighting and Beyonce said "I'm gonna wipe the floor with your skinny ass!".

The Face

He's Hollywood's most dazzling star, who inspires the worship of millions and the hatred of one twisted soul. His perfectly ordered existence is under siege as a series of terrifying "messages" penetrates the security of his legendary estate. All that stands between him and an insidious killer is a weary ex-cop who has already seen his own death.
I liked this book okay, but it was not one of his best. It was written in 2003 and I am surprised that I missed it when it came out.

Nicole's Baby Shower

The Henry side and Erics mother and aunts

Nicole (obviously)

Nicole and me

Nicole and Brooke

Charmaine, Denise and Yellow Grammy (it's a long story)

The Johnson's

Mom and Lucas

Shell and Lucas

Nicole's baby shower is done. Thank goodness. Have I said before that I hate party planning? I think so. Next time, I swear, any big event that has to have a party is going to be put on by someone that I pay.
But it went well, we had plenty of food, she got a ton of nice gifts, the baby will not need new clothes for a year. Not that that will stop me from buying more! The weather could have been better, it started off sunny, but windy, then the clouds rolled in later and I had to hand out what sweaters and sweatshirts I did not bring up to the camper. We went to Nicole and Eric's after the shower and helped them set things up in the baby's room and put stuff away. Now we wait. Approximately 6 1/2 weeks.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ryan Johnson Updated Pictures

My other great-nephew Ryan, my brother's grandson. Isn't he adorable? He looks like a mini-me of his Dad.

Monday, August 3, 2009


These are my flowers outside of the camper. Somehow the picture does not look as pretty. You can't really see the creamy yellow-white ones next to the purple ones, but I love that color combination.

The Haunting in Connecticut

This was good. It had some pretty scary parts, and when you stop to think that it is based on true events, that makes it all the scarier!! What sane person would chose to sleep in the basement of a spooky old house like that? One look at that creepy set of doors that wouldn't open would be enough for me.