Monday, September 28, 2009

Black Hills

This was an awesome Nora Roberts mystery/romance. I could not put this down, even though you know who the killer is pretty early in the story, you still don't know what he is going to do next.

X-Men Origins Wolverine

Another dud. We shut it off after 20 minutes and watched Home Alone 2.

Kali Again

First visit to Grammy's house

Auntie Brooke and Kali

going home from the hospital today. They stopped in to feed her and get her calm again, she was not liking her car seat!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Kali

It took two adults to get this little pink
nightgown on this baby girl!
Me with Lucas (my sister's grandson)

Auntie Brooke and Kali and Shelley and Lucas

Nicole, Kali and Grampa Pescinski

Great-Grammy Johnson with Kali

Friday, September 25, 2009


oh, the indignity of it all!

Little Papoose

the proud parents

First bottle

Grammy and Grampa Henry
It's been a long day. But what a day! I went to the hospital at 11:30, and did not leave the room except to run to the bathroom. No lunch, except for 2 saltine crackers I snitched from Nicole's table. She originally did not want anyone in the delivery room except for Eric, but changed her mind and let me stay! I was so excited, it was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Nicole did great, and Eric was so good to her. Kali Anne (my middle name!) is absolutely adorable, I fell in love instantly with her. She had a bath, got snuggly wrapped and had some bottle, gave a couple of burps and was content. I can't wait to go back and see her tomorrow!!!

Very Soon..

It is 5:19 AM. I just got call from Eric, they are back at the hospital and this time are staying. When she went home yesterday and laid down to rest, the contractions slowed down, they were still intense but a lot further apart. She is 3 CM so we have a ways to go but it will be today or tonight. I can't sleep, I feel like I just drank 3 large Dunkin Donuts coffee's. :0
I think I will do an exercise tape so I can burn off some of this adrenalin, shower, and get ready to go see my baby, getting ready to have her baby. How weird is that? Stay tuned for an over load of pictures!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Nicole went to the hospital this morning at 4:30 with contractions. But, they sent her home again. Told her to get some sleep. She was not happy. So I think it will be soon, maybe tomorrow? We are not going to Maine tonight as planned, her contractions were coming every 15 minutes and I think it will just progress from there. The good news? I have lost 3 pounds of the 5 I am trying to get rid of before the Fair. 2 more to go.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Rest of the Fall Weekend in Maine

Gary and Charley (who always does something innaprpopraite in a picture)
Gary and I

Our neighbor's went up in this plane today, this is them!

Ice cream at Brown's

Ain't I Purty?

Brooke and Louie

Shooting Hoops

We walked the beach again today, then we went to Brown's for ice cream. I had it in my mind to get the pumpkin ice cream all afternoon, and then when we got there I opted for the Mint Explosion which had so many mint truffles in it I barely had ice cream to eat. Gary got the same flavor, and he was so sick of eating the truffles, he was spitting them onto the ground. gross. Shelly and Charley went home, and we watched the Patriots play the Jets. Not so good this week but hey, you can't win every time right? We are staying over another night, Brooke has no classes tomorrow and Gary will go to work from here. Still on the baby-watch, 3 days until the due date!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Weekend in Maine

Gary's brother Charlie and his wife and three kids came to Maine for the weekend with their camper. This weekend the weather has been so nice, in the 60's and sunny. We walked the whole beach today, found some little tiny sand dollars, and took a crab dinner away from a seagull. We saw it was stranded up on the beach so Carter moved it closer to the water by some rocks, the seagull followed us down the beach, probably saying "you little !@#$ bring back my dinner!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What the Heck Are You Feeding Me?

My sister's grandson Lucas. He was not liking the taste of squash. I remember when Nicole was a baby, she ate a lot of orange veggies. squash, carrots etc. And her skin actually had a tinge of orange, the doctor said it was from eating a lot of the orange veggies.

Losing Weight

Am I a freak of nature? Why do I gain weight in the summer? Most people lose it, you are more active and on the go. Not me, must be the ice cream, in particular the Mint Explosion at Sun n Surf this summer. My mission is to lose a measly 5 pounds by the time we go to Fryeburg Fair which is Columbus Day weekend. I know, seems pointless to struggle to lose the weight, just to go to a fair and eat Sunflower pizza, apple crisp, mini doughnuts, cheeseburgers (yes, for some odd reason I love fair cheeseburgers), french fries with vinegar and it goes on. But, if I don't, I will just add it on to what I gained this summer. I am off to a good start, I lost 1 pound and have 4 to go, despite a little bit of McDonalds the night of the concert, and a little bit of KFC last night, WHAT? I have to eat something for God's sake! How come the weight just glides on so effortlessly, and it is such a struggle to lose a measly half-pound at a time. Not fair.

The Time Traveler's Wife

This was a great book. I have not seen the movie, and I am glad that I read this first. I would rather be in the privacy of my own home, with Kleenex close at hand when I watch it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

American Idols Live 2009

Brooke and I went to this concert last night in Manchester at the Verizon Center. This concert always draws such a huge age variety, from little kids to white haired grandparents! And everyone loves it. I know that I voted for Adam all along, but I am not being biased when I say he drew the loudest screams and the most applause. In fact, sad to say that when Kris Allen came on, a lot of people didn't care enough to hear him and were leaving. That's rude, he is a good singer, but just does not put on a show like Adam, he was absolutely fabulous. That boy had so many bras thrown at him on stage he could have opened his own Victoria's Secret shop. In fact, one bra he picked up and said "WHOA!" it was quite large. Suffice to say, some woman was walking around the concert after with her big boobs sagging down. snicker. And, I wouldn't have wanted to be the person who got that big, sweaty bra thrown back in my face when he whipped it back out into the audience. :)
I think it was Matt who was playing his piano like a madman who said to hold up your cell phone and lights. I got my Bic out and started flicking like mad trying not to burn my finger, oops, I was having a flashback from a Blue Oyster Cult concert I attended in my teens. Just kidding, I did not actually have a lighter, I am with the times, I have a cell phone.
When Adam started singing Fame and swiveling his hips, gay or not, you could hear the women swooning all around. It was great.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby's Room

This baby has so much stuff in her room! It's a purple explosion to the eyes! Look at those little rain boots, aren't they precious? Now we need little feet to fill them. 8 days......


This was a REALLY slow-moving movie, I kept reading the paper, it only got really good at the very end. It has a Sixth-Sense twist.