Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kali Videos

Kali Videos

Kali Videos


We went to see this with Brooke on Saturday. It was very funny, and Charles Shaughnessy was great as King Arthur

Vacation August 2010 (and some of Kali!)

Nicole sent me some pics
how precious

she loves Dora!

Lobstah and steamers

very wavy and windy

I had to wear a jacket for that walk!!

Dead in the Family

This is the latest book in the Sookie Stackhouse series that True Blood on HBO is based on. As always it was very entertaining.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

And even more wedding pictures!

My sister-in-law Tammy and me Tammy and my brother Chip

Tammy and Mom

Shell, me, Josh and Tiffany

Shell and her eldest son Josh

Ross, Kaylyn, Cory and Joy
(Cory and Joy are next!)

Ross, Cory and Mom

Nicole having some fun

Nicole and her cousin Cory (he was feeling pretty good)

Gary did good, didn't even look nervous!

Nicole and Ross (he must be giving her marriage advice)

Tammy and Chip again

Nicole and her Dad

Me, Mom, Chip and Ross

what are we? line dancing?


Chip looks like Jack Nicholson here

Kali in her pretty dress

She loves cousin Ryan

Judy and Chrissy

the cousins (we are missing a few here!)

great pic of my sister!


Mom was dancing with everyone!

Shell and I can see through our eyelids

I liked my hair in the back! not so much in the front though

Gary and me dancing

Cory, Brooke and Pat

cool dude!

Uncle Cal Aunt Joan Chip and Ryan
(what's Uncle Cal looking for?)

my other beautiful daughter

Monday, August 16, 2010


I wasn't looking to watch this movie, it didn't look appealing to me at all. But I was outvoted on Saturday night three to one, and we watched it. I really liked it!!! Highly recommended.