Monday, May 31, 2010

More Beach Pictures

Kali and Daddy

Little Chunky Monkey


Water Baby

Kali went to the Beach

I didn't go but it looks like she had a ball today at the beach! Despite the smelly wind bringing the haze and smoke smell from Canada it turned out to be a nice day.

Wedding Dress Day~ Which One Did She Pick?

I adored this one, the straps are beautiful
This one had a darker border on the bottom and
along the back




Different, but she can carry it off


a darker champagne color that I thought
was quite attractive on her


really pretty

not a fan of this one

very nice

this is the first one I saw that I had her try on

Now here's the REAL princess

she couldn't get enough of herself in the mirror

Isn't she lovely?

Kali and Auntie Brooke

All tired out from dress shopping
That was a long day, she tried on many more dresses than what I have for pictures, but she did pick one of the ones I posted, and she is going to be a beautiful bride.


This was a decent vampire movie, certainly not the best, and not in the least scary, more scientific. I liked Willem Dafoe in this movie though.
I don't have any new pictures right now to post, got to work on that!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kali in Maine

Chilly enough for a fleece and blankie!

Lounging with Auntie Brooke

Tuckered out

Come give me a big kiss!!

This is fun!


Brooke and Louie the King

Me and Kali

A very old ride at the arcade

Kali and Auntie Brooke

Loves the sand!
Kali came to Maine with us for the weekend while her parents went to New York. She did very well for the first weekend away. The ride in the arcade is one that Brooke used to ride on about 17 years ago! We couldn't wait to bring a new generation to ride on it. She also loved walking in the sand with her bare feet, and cried when we took her away from it.

Whispers and Lies

This will keep your interest if you read it, with a big surprise at the end!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Bend in the Road

This was a very good book, all of Nicholas Sparks books are good, a little bland sometimes but good.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Old Wedding Dress

Circa 1988. Nicole is getting married August 13th, but she won't be wearing my dress. Funny though, it fit her like it was made for her, I told her I used to be that skinny!!

Kali~May 18, 2010

She loves smelling flowers

silly bath girl

First ice-cream-man ice cream

Does this child need any more toys? These weren't all taken on May 18th, just when I got around to posting them.